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10 Reasons to Celebrate Summer

clock July 7, 2013
10 Reasons to Celebrate Summer

Now that summer’s in full swing it’s time to celebrate all the joys of the season! Republic Records’ artists share some of their favorite hot weather activities.

10. When you start from the bottom it only makes sense that you’d spend your vacation flying high. Right Drake?

9. Skip the dreaded bathing suit shopping ordeal and just swim in your clothes like Youngblood Hawke:

8. Summer’s the perfect time to try a cute new mani/pedi shade. Kelly Rowland gets Delush! Muah!

7. It’s a great time to perfect your surfing skills, eh Jack?

6. Or try out a little jet ski action like Lil Wayne:

5. And then there’s always scuba diving. Peace, Austin.

4. It’s also a great time to practice your poolside poses. Hi Jessie J.

3. Two words: Cute outfits! (Courtesy of cutie pie Ariana Grande.)


2. Two more words: ICE CREAM! Mayer’s looking very serious about that cone. 

1. Top down, hands up! How fun would it be to roll around all summer with Cimorelli??


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